Fine Arts / Landscape Architecture

Born and raised in Russia, painting has been a passion for me since childhood. Upon graduation from the School of Fine Arts in Russia, I studied the vision and techniques used by the Russian marine-painters and the great figurative painters of old. This path brought me to study other aspects of artistic creation, finally leading me to earn a Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal.

I chose oil on canvas to express myself and to pursue my artistic growth while perfecting my techniques in watercolors, stained glass and mosaics. Another important side of my artistic work is a painting on a Birch Bark – old and unique Russian traditional art known since the 15th century.

My canvasses are inspired by the Black Sea in Crimea, where I worked with dolphins and seals for many years. On a daily basis I observed the sea in all its states and moods. Now, far from the water, I try to transmit power, beauty and harmony of the nature through my paintings…


2017 - Symposium Gatineau en Couleurs 2017. Winning People's Choice Award

2014-2015-2016 - Grand Salon des Arts de Sherbrooke

2015 - EstivArts Festival in Magog. Winning People's Choice Award

2015 - International Museum of Naive Art in Magog

2016 - Solo exhibition «Sea Dust»

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